TPSC Elections

Based on its long history with ICAO, the GAT, the TPP and the TPSC membership, JAA TO is very knowledgeable and capable to represent the interests of all TPP members and be the trusted advisor to ICAO.

JAA TO’s development throughout the TPP has shaped experiences and visions that became ingrained in the organisation’s natural approach to the TPP community. JAA TO will be important in advising ICAO GAT as high-level training organisation supporting aviation organisations and their professionals worldwide.

This is our understanding and vision of the TPSC role.

With a vote for JAA TO, the TPSC will gain an enthusiastic programme ambassador of the first hour that is committed to support ICAO GAT and the global TPP community in safe and sound training harmonisation.
The TRAINAIR Plus Steering Committee (TPSC) is responsible for providing ICAO with guidance and advice on the development and improvement of the TRAINAIR PLUS Programme (TPP).

The TPSC is composed of 14 Members (expanded to 17) elected among the Full Members and Regional Training Centres of Excellence (RTCE) of TPP.

The TPSC brings together Full Members who serve voluntarily. While ICAO reserves the right to make final decisions regarding Programme policy and operation, the input of the TPSC is a valued component of the Programme.

The TPSC reports to the Secretary General of ICAO and coordinates its activities with the GAT Office.

JAA TO Director
Paula V. de Almeida, MEd


From its beginnings in the 1970s under the umbrella union of Joint Aviation Authorities (JAA) to a prolific, world-leading training centre of excellence, JAA TO’s objective has always been harmonising the cooperative regulatory system to achieve uniform high standards of aviation safety.

The outlook was set – for a safer, more secure and sustainable aviation industry.

Mrs. Paula V. de Almeida, MEd: started her career at the Joint Aviation Authorities in 2004 and went on to leading the establishment and growth of the JAA TO as its Training Manager, Business Development Manager, Deputy Director and, since 2016 Director.

Since the creation of the ICAO TRAINAIR Plus Program she has completed the Training Developers Course (TDC), the Training Managers Course (TMC), the Leading Quality Instructional Systems Design (ISD) Course, and the recent Virtual Classroom Instructor course (VCI). Mrs. Almeida is ICAO Qualified Course Developer (IQCD), Qualified Instructor for delivering the TIC 2 course, and Qualified Instructional Systems Design (ISD) Validator, having been involved in the development of three Standardized Training Packages (STPs) and two ICAO Training Packages (ITPs). Further, she has participated in all ICAO Global Aviation Training Symposia as either speaker or panel moderator and delivered several presentations in a variety of ICAO events.
As an ambassador of and true believer in the merits of the TRAINAIR Plus Program Mrs. Almeida has in-depth knowledge of and extensive hands-on experience with the Trainair Plus course development methodology (doc 9941) and all TPP activities.

Mrs. Almeida holds a Master Degree (MEd) in Adult Education from the Open University, United Kingdom, having written her dissertation in the field of Implementation of Online and Distance Learning in Aviation Safety. Mrs. Almeida holds a specialization  in Executive Leadership from the University of Oxford, United Kingdom.
"With the experience I have gained leading JAA TO through the extensive journey of applying as Associate Member up until becoming a leading ICAO Regional Training Center of Excellence, I have gained in-depth knowledge of the TPP. As such, I am extremely committed to continuing to support the GAT programme."


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