Launch of the Trainair Plus Programme

Before the 2010 launch of the TRAINAIR Plus Programme (TPP), its predecessor programme, the TRAINAIR Programme, pathed the way for training development and sharing, capacity building, as well as instructional delivery. For more than 25 years the TRAINAIR Programme and TPP provide valuable ICAO support to its Member States and the aviation industry through the implementation of high-quality standards in civil aviation training and capacity-building.

The TPP is organised as cooperative network of training organizations and industry partners working together to develop and deliver ICAO-harmonized training packages like 

STP  Standardized Training Package

ITP   ICAO Training Package

CT Compliant Training Package

PTP  Partner Training Package

These training packages are available globally to TPP Members.

Foundation of Global Aviation Training (GAT)

Since the foundation of the ICAO Global Aviation Training (ICAO GAT) office in 2014, JAA TO continuously developed a cooperative and strong relationship with the GAT.

As focal point for all ICAO training, the ICAO GAT Office is responsible for planning, management and coordination. In its responsibility to admin effective and harmonized implementation of the ICAO Training Policy, the GAT sets up acceptable training and qualifications standards and frameworks. 

Through operating the TRAINAIR Plus Programme, the GAT can deliver on its mission to Establish coordinated, effective and efficient mechanisms to support the development of human resources in aviation.

Being a proud contributor to the Trainair Plus Programme (TPP) and current member of the Trainair Plus Steering Committee (TPSC), JAA  TO is committed to advise ICAO on strategic level.

JAA TO & the GAT over time

JAA TO, in the person of Director Paula Almeida, was involved with the ICAO GAT office, the TPP and TPSC setup from the very beginning. This first hand experience led JAA TO and Mrs. Almeida through the full ICAO journey from the status of Associate Member to Full Member before finally becoming the world’s first recognised Regional Training Centre of Excellence (RTCE).

Today, JAA TO is one of over 100 organizations in close to 70 Members States working  together to develop, deliver, and share competency-based training packages. JAA TO is committed to and strong believer in the TPP as members are recognized as the most compliant with ICAO provisions in addressing training development and delivery which serves the larger goal of GAT.

JAA TO & the TRAINAIR Plus Programme Steering Committee (TPSC)

As an Aviation Training Organisation with business worldwide, JAA TO has followed the whole and natural journey of the TPP focusing on leading, facilitating and creating ever-new knowledge and learning solutions for the global air transport sector.

The upcoming TPSC elections provide opportunity for JAA TO to run a third-consecutive term as TPSC Member. JAA TO acknowledges global challenges to the air transport sector and puts forward clear strategies benefitting all TPP Members in training harmonisation.

With full understanding of the TPP’s DNA, JAA TO has the resources and ­experience to sustainably and effectively lead the programme as one of its ambassador of the first hour.

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