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The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Global Training Aviation unit (GAT), in its capacity to lead Human Resources Development strategies established to operate, manage and maintain current and future air transport systems, heads the ICAO TRAINAIR Plus Programme (TPP) promoting training collaboration for the purpose of providing safe, secure, and sustainable developments of the global air transport sector.

As Regional Training Centre of Excellence (RTCE) and first European full member of the ICAO TPP, JAA TO is running for its third consecutive three-year membership in the TRAINAIR Plus Programme Steering Committee (TPSC). The candidacy for the election term 2021-2024 is a natural extension of JAA TO's efforts and dedication to the entire TPP community.

This website provides more information about the ICAO GAT, ICAO TPSC and background stories on the mutual relationship between ICAO GAT and JAA TO to all TPP Members and interested aviation stakeholders.

JAA Training Organisation & the ICAO Global Aviation Training

The Joint Aviation Authorities (JAA) record over 40 years of aviation history which defines the unique understanding of heritage and professionalism that shapes the modern JAA Training Organisation (JAA TO) of today.

The manifestation of this identity finds expression in the international vision of our approach to aviation training as the organisation has been a transregional advocate for training harmonisation from its very beginning.

Since the foundation of the ICAO GAT office, JAA TO has continuously developed a cooperative and strong relationship with it. Being a proud contributor to the TPP and current member of the TPSC, JAA TO is committed to continue to advise ICAO on strategic level.

 With a vote for JAA TO, the TPSC will gain an enthusiastic programme ambassador of the first hour that is committed to support ICAO GAT and the global TPP community in safe and sound training harmonisation. 

Full understanding of the TRAINAIR Plus Programme DNA
— an ambassador of the first hour — 

The Heritage

Since foundation of the ICAO GAT office in 2014, JAA TO & GAT work together closely. Read more about the long-standing and personal relationship.

The Vision

COVID-19, Digitalisation, Safety and many more. Upcoming training challenges require strategy and vision for all TPP Members. Find out how JAA TO wants to make an impact as TPSC Member.

The Experience

With 50 years of aviation expertise, JAA TO is an active player in the field of regulatory training. Read more on the history and development
of JAA TO. 

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"JAA TO is dynamically involved in various activities, starting from training course development and delivery worldwide, to cooperation with international training academies, partnerships, conferences, meetings and communication initiatives. I remember JAA TO’s first term on the TRAINAIR Plus Steering Committee (TPSC) [2012 – 2015], then Europe’s first Full Member in the ICAO TRAINAIR Plus Programme (TPP), which was the beginning of a productive and successful relationship between these entities. With the ambition to become a career-long reference point for aviation professionals and organisations, JAA TO’s continuous engagement in the ICAO Global Aviation Training (GAT) and TPSC will benefit the global TRAINAIR Plus network."

– Dr. A. Quaranta, JAA TO Foundation Board Chairman –


JAA TO serves its stakeholders by providing unique life-long learning experiences.
True to the mission of delivering the highest quality solutions for capacitating aviation professionals and organisations globally.

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JAA TO is the non-profit self-financing Associated Training Body of ECAC
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